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Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just about ranking highly in Google. No, its much more than just that its driving home traffic to your website and converting that traffic to paying customers. Thats our difference!

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Our methodical approach to Adwords analysis leads to higher CTR’s, increased avg. Positions and lower avg. CPC’s. Utilise our expertise to optimise your campaigns and monopolise your market.

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Utilise our expert team! Our Designers, Developers and Marketers collaborate together to build extraordinary websites not only designed send your message and look fantastic but turn your pixels into dollars and sense.


Combine your dream and our expert team to design and develop something truly special. We make your dreams a reality. Using clever design and our marketing specialists to drive home your products successfully online.

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“It was a real pleasure working with Justin from Jetset Marketing. He took the time to understand our business requirements and what we wanted from a website and the result was even better than we imagined.” ~ Paul Seaton, Business Owner – Xzibit Pools and Spas

Owner: Paul Seaton

Business name: Xzibit Pools and Spas

Phone: 0438 243 003



  1. 1.Design and develop an industry leading website to rise above the heavy competition.
  2. 2.Develop and test e-Commerce shopping cart and platform ensuring security and functionality.
  3. 3. Successfully market the new website using Search Engine Optimisation to generate a strong positive ROI.

Google add weight to websites with SSL

So Google has announced they are giving websites that are on SSL a slight boost in rankings. As read in Search Engine Land the slight “advantage” is just that, only slight.

To explain, Google wants to give a small bonus if your website has one of those nice and trendy padlocks in your browser. Well, it does make sense to a certain degree as its making the web a safer place. Even if you don’t sell anything on your website, nowadays, there is a huge percentage of websites run on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress for example. Now, these systems all have a log in area and from my experience, most are not secure without SSL as there is no encryption when entering your login details. For a small fee, or even using a shared SSL, will solve that issue quite quickly. To me, its a “no brainer”, I don’t want to let anyone administer my website, so all my own websites are secure. Secure websites remain unhacked, so there is better content for the end user. This all has to be good news and Google wants it done.

Now, before you go and panic that your site is unsecure, I would just keep this fact in the back of your mind and think about making, at the very least, your login area secure at some stage in the future. At least then you’ll have complete control over what is on your website, for many years to come. That being said, the ranking boost is only minute.

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