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Search Engine Marketing is a direct and efficient method of advertising ... Jetset Marketing can deliver online marketing results immediately using cost effective, positive ROI solutions.

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Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing otherwise known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing allows you to target and be positioned directly in front of customers and above organic search results.

Advertising on Google is the fastest and most effective method of reaching customers searching for your products or services.

The Benefits Of Pay Per Click (Search Engine Marketing) Campaigns

There Is No Minimum Budget

You can spend $10 per day or $10,000. The budget is dependent on how many customers you want to visit your website and completely up to you.

Easy And Fast - You Can Be Online Within 24 Hours

Once you have selected your keywords from our research and analysis report - you can be advertising within 24 hours.

Pay Only For Customers

You only pay once someone interested in your products or services clicks your ad and visits your website.

Control of Your Budget and Schedule

You are in complete control of your spend. Set a budget to drive customers to you and schedule a time and day when your ad will show to customers. You can even stop or pause your advertising campaign at any time.

Tracking, Measurement and Analysis

Through tracking, measurement and analysis we can tell you exactly what your conversion costs are. There is no other advertising medium that can tell you exactly how much each new customer costs - giving you an exact Return on Investment figure.

SEM Process

The Jetset Marketing SEM Process

Google PPC Account Creation and Setup

Jetset Marketing is a Google Partner, meaning we can professionally setup your account for maximum results within 24 hours.

Google Analytics Creation and Implementation

Using Google Analytics, we can track how your visitors engage with your website and determine conversion rates and costs.

Comprehensive Keyword and Negative Keyword Research

Our professionals will find the most effective keywords to specifically target your customers.

Demographic and Geographic Market Research

By knowing your customers, you enable yourself to speak on their level — Demographic and Geographic research gives you all the information you need to accomplish this.

Target Google Search or Google Display Networks

You can choose to target just the Google Search or Google’s extensive display network which includes 4 billion daily page views, 700 million monthly users, and a reach of more than 80% of the online audience.

Advertisement Split Testing

We split test multiple ads to find the perfect balance in converting your customers.

Conversion Tracking and Implementation

Using our proprietary methods we can implement and track customer conversions.

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

Our monthly reports tell you exactly where your advertising budget is being spent.

ROI (Return on Investment) & Analysis

Jetset Marketing dedicate a single Account Manager to run your campaign — you always have one point of contact who knows everything about your SEM campaign.

Our reports and analysis provide much more information than just your Google Advertising Campaign.

Our statistics have been used to drive new products in different areas, leverage the market toward particular businesses and allow better utilisation of other advertising campaigns such as Radio and Television.

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