Search Engine Optimisation

Upon building or maintaining your website it is equally important to market and grow or maintain the online presence of your website. There are many methods to accomplish this and few with a strong positive return on investment. Well known for being the best ROI marketing tools is Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website to appear on the most popular Search Engines and directories.

Google being the primary search engine of user choice holding 68.6% of the search market share (source: Search Engine Watch).

Jetset Marketing optimise your website to appear on all major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo! the big 3). There are over 200 different metrics or signals the search engines use to rank your website. We optimise for every known signal to achieve maximum rankings for your website using ethical methods.

For example some of these signals include links from other websites, website loading speed and how good and original your website textual content is.


How long it takes to achieve page one rankings or traffic from your keywords depends on the competitiveness of your selection with millions of websites and hundreds of ranking signals the time taken to achieve rankings is different for every business.
Jetset Marketing see positive results within 2 weeks of beginning SEO and on average see page 1 rankings within 1-3 months.

Investment Summary

The investment involved with Search Engine Optimisation is equal to the topics/key words chosen. The more competitive a keyword the more time must be invested to producing results and vise versa.
Our online marketing experts will usually develop a strategy which encompasses a combination of competitive and non-competitive keywords to ensure a well rounded selection which provides a strong ROI.

Return on Investment

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation is the Return on Investment.

Jetset Marketing are one of Australia’s leading SEO Firms

Our specialists are up to date with current search engine trends and ranking methods continually researching and testing these signals.
Some of our experts have been SEO’s for 10 years or more they have a thorough understanding of search engines and what it takes to utilize them.
We only ever use natural ethical methods of ranking which will never get your website penalized by Google as other companies using unethical methods have.


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