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By the time you finish reading this page you will discover the true value of Web Design.

Why all successful businesses have websites

When you have a website you begin building a relationship with your customers before they have even spoken to you on the phone or walked into your office. 98% of customers will research a business online before dealing with them. These customers are qualifying your business.

Customers are searching for a business they believe will provide them the products or services they desire. When searching customers will often compare businesses online this is why it is important to differentiate your business from the competition. It is important to deliver your customers a professional image they can trust and in turn they will deal with you rather than your competitors.

Every single aspect of your website is important to achieving this goal, from the presentation to the colour to the layout to the time the website loads all these factors customers judge when deciding whose services or products to buy.

Why do I need a website?

Gone are the days of “traditional” advertising through Yellow pages, flyers and mail outs. Customers are searching online, it is convenient and fast.

Simple and easy to manage websites

We build websites in Content Management Systems which make updating your website pages simple and instant. Through the management system you can update pages very similarly to how you would in Microsoft Word even your least technical employee could make updates.

Industry experts with over 11 years of experience ensuring your projects success

Our team have over 36 years combined experience building and maintaining successful websites (many you’ve probably visited before!), delivering online marketing solutions and launching businesses from the ground up can ensure your website is a huge success.

Why your website is not an expense, but an investment

Expenses do not return money (fuel, rent, electricity). Investments return money (property, shares and websites). Your website is a sales generating machine, the more money you invest the more sales and profit it will return.

We won’t outsource work

Many organisations outsource work to cheap labour countries and still charge top dollar for below average websites. We understand how important it is for a business to have a website that works and our experience has shown us that websites built in Australia are superior on every level, including design, copywriting language and conversion rates. Our promise, we won’t sell out.

The Web Design Process

When you choose Jetset Marketing you are guided comfortably through the entire process and provided with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your project. Our system is a simple 5 step process which involves Research & Scope, Design, Development, Testing and Launch.

1. Research & Scope

Understanding your business, competition and customers is key to providing you a successful online solution that works. Once we have researched your business, we define the Scope. The scope is all about outlining what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it.

2. Design

When you agree with the scope, our Graphic Designers begin working on how the website will look using their creative flair and any preferences you have.

3. Development

Our web developers build your website with the latest industry best practices you can be sure your website will look as good behind the scenes as it does on the stage. An easy to read website is important for users, as is a website that is easy for search engines to read behind the scenes.

4. Testing

Before your website is greeted by the world we methodically test it to ensure full functionality and cross browser compatibility (making sure your website works well in all the latest browsers e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox).

5. Launch

Once your website has been designed, developed and tested we perform a final review of the website with you. Upon completing the final review we launch the website on your domain name.

This simple 5 step process has ensured an easy, trusted and comfortable web development experience for all of our clients.

Jetset Marketing has been right organisation for thousands of businesses throughout Australia. We have helped our clients businesses flourish, turning their web design dream into a reality. We achieve this because of our strong and united team of specialists who collaborate together to build your website. Our Graphic Designers design your website, our Copy Writers write it, our Web Developers build it, our Internet Marketers optimise it and then we launch it. It’s our special recipe for success which drives your business and ours.

Your business future depends on what you do in the present. Take action to be the most successful you can and maximise your competitive edge. Together we can have an astonishing impact.

Get in touch with us and experience the true value of successful web design.

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